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Golf Flock is a fun-filled, online golfing community for all levels of golfers, whether you have an official handicap or not, we aim to connect our members with various  preferred Partner Golf  Courses around Australia.




The Birdie membership is perfect for the golfer who wants to enjoy the benefits of being part of the Flock, while also having the opportunity to play in our monthly Birdie competitions even if you don’t have, or want an official handicap. Also ideal for club members, elsewhere, looking to play more.


The Eagle membership is perfect for the golfer who wants to enjoy the benefits of the Birdie membership, while also gaining access to an official GolfLink handicap and monthly Eagle competitions, or the golfer with an official handicap in search of more opportunities to play golf.


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Golf Flock Introduction

The Story Behind Golf Flock The Journey to Golf Flock  A green municipal 9-hole golf course became the regular stomping ground for an eager young

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Golf NSW social club sign-up ‘HELP’ instructions: 

  1. Go to   [Player Registration Portal]
  2. Select your Golf Flock from the “Select your club” drop down list
  3. Add your Initial and Surname under the ‘Social Club member number’
  4. Click “Next”
  5. Enter details for all fields on page 2 of the player registration form

[NOTE: The email address you enter will be your username when you use the Golf NSW player portal in the future.]

  1. Click “Next”
  2. Answer the questions on page 3 of the registration process
  • If you are currently a member of an affiliated golf club you will be required to enter your current Golf Link number
  • If you have been a member of an affiliated golf club in the past you will be requiredto provide that Golf Link number
  • If you do not remember your previous Golf Link number then you can use the “Don’t Remember” functionality to help

[NOTE: if you fail to answer these questions honestly your access may be revoked and

you will lose your social club golf link record].

  1. Click “Next”
  2. You will then be presented with a Golf NSW registration summary screen showing the details you have just entered, the amount of money you will be required to pay and the factors that make up the components of your payment.
  3. Click “Pay Now” to proceed to payment

[You will require a valid Visa or Mastercard to complete the payment process]

  1. Complete the payment details screen
  2. Click “Process Payment”
  3. Throughout the registration process you will receive emails advising you of actions taken

and where your registration is at in the registration process.